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Joshua: God's Strategies for Victory


joshua strategies for victory

Part I  “Introduction and the Battle of Jericho”

The Book of Joshua provides a comparison of an Old Testament situation with the experiences and battles in life that we have as born-again Christians.  Joshua exemplified a man of meekness and dedication to God, willing to be an obedient servant.

When Joshua came up against Jericho, he didn’t just rush in to fight the battle, he asked God what to do.  When God told him to do something that seemed completely illogical as a battle strategy, he obeyed God to the letter and won the victory.

This teaching covers Joshua 5 and 6.

battle in Joshua Joshua Outline

battle in Joshua Joshua Powerpoint

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Part II “The Battle of Ai and the Deception of Gibeon”

There was sin within the camp of Israel when the firstfruits of giving were withheld from God because of greed and lust.  As a result, a number of the Israelites were killed by the inhabitants of Ai.  After Joshua dealt with the sin and sought God’s direction, they successfully ambushed the city of Ai and God’s Word was magnified before all the congregation of Israel.

Then the inhabitants of Gibeon deceived Joshua into an alliance with them by disguising themselves.  Joshua did not seek God’s counsel but rather walked by his senses and then had to deal with the consequences of his actions.

This teaching covers Joshua 7, 8 and 9.

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Part III “The Southern Campaign”

The five kings from the south made war against Gibeon, and Joshua responded by trusting God’s direction to have no fear for He would deliver them. Joshua led Israel until every battle was won, not by their own strength, but by God’s strength. When they continued to pursue the enemy, the kings' defeat was symbolized by being "under their feet."

This teaching covers Joshua 10.

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Part IV “The Northern Campaign and Joshua’s Last Words”

Then the kings from the north under the King of Hazor rose up against Israel to destroy them.  Again, God told Joshua to have courage, that He would deliver them.  In the face of extreme intimidation, Joshua faithfully obeyed God and trusted Him to the uttermost.  As a result the enemies were totally destroyed and Israel was victorious and had rest from war.

In Joshua 24, Joshua encouraged Israel to forsake all idols and strange gods and to turn their hearts to the one true God.  They agreed to serve God only and to obey His voice so Joshua made a covenant with them. We, too, must serve God with our whole hearts, for He has called us from before the foundations of the world and has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in Christ.

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